Brass holder for chalk or Conté crayons

First item from the 19th Century box is this chalk/Conté crayon holder.  Although from the 1800s, I love the style of this, almost like a 1920s cigarette holder.

After some quick image searches, I found two websites that had equivalent pics, one using the pic as an illustration.

Great historical info in Word Wenches site.

The Whimsie Studio has a picture of the same holder, but unfortunately no other information.  They do have some great pictures of sold watercolour boxes, including some made by Reeves.

Here’s a picture for scale.  Ignore the scrapes on my nice cheeseboard – I need to oil the thing.

The diameter isn’t much larger than a pencil.  I gave this a good clean with a cloth and some vinegar solution when it came, but you can see it’s fairly tarnished.

Antique brass chalk holder

antique brass crayon holder

First dip in the metal polish solution.  Coming out nicely already.

brass antique polish

And the final product.  It came out beautifully – you can see the striations in the metal, and I hadn’t even noticed all the fine detailing in those rings.

Brass chalk holder


3 thoughts on “Brass holder for chalk or Conté crayons

  1. What a lovely porte-crayon! The knurling on the rings is especially elegant. The National Portrait Gallery (UK) has a fascinating page about “the artist’s porte-crayon” here:
    I’m a little obsessed with porte-crayons of the 18th and 19th centuries, so I have a Pinterest board of art depicting them in that era here:

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