Alan Turing’s notebook, <$1m sale

After being discovered as roof insulation, Alan Turing’s notebook is up for auction.  The Guardian reports a petition has started to keep the document in the UK.

After being granted an apology by the British government in 2009 (leading to posthumous pardon by the Queen in 2013) the purchase of his notebook would be a good step.

Granted, the timing of the sale alongside the Hollywood movie seems a little calculated (pun intended), but at the end of the day this is will be forever a piece of British – and world – history.  I can’t recall who said it, but there is a quote that 10,000 years from now, only one person’s name will be remembered from these times.  That quote is about Neil Armstrong.  But in terms of impact on the course of science – not to mention the course of WW2 – Alan Turing is also near the top of the list to remember.

Bonhams auction:

The petition website:


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