I changed this blog address and made a Facebook page!

‘morethancommonplace.wordpress.com’ is now https://panningforink.com.  Like the new by-line on the blog, this site about commonplace books, note-taking and what ‘memory in analogue’ can teach us about ourselves.  It is about how society has moved from zibaldones to Evernote, parchment to Moleskine and Field Notes and everything in between.

Most of all, it is about the artistry of note-taking itself.  It is about sifting through the records, the history, and the notebooks themselves for shiny nuggets of inspiration.

As well as the new website, I have created a new Facebook page called Panning for Ink.  This is a tiny blog site right now with a handful of followers, and it would not take long for me to thank every one of you who follow my blog.  So, thank you and I hope you visit my new Facebook link in the New Year!

I will be posting about note-taking, and especially commonplace books.  This means reviews of books online, their history, their authors.  Also, what the style and structure of those notes reveal ‘between the lines’.

It will be great to hear from you with comments, ideas and thoughts about how to grow this site, as well as any original posts of yours that you’d like me to promote (of course, with you as the author).

So thank you to my small, small list of followers.  I will talk to you soon.


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