About me

My name is Richard Simpson.  I am not an academic and I am probably not qualified to talk about many of the subjects I cover on this site.  Let’s say I am an avid amateur.

I live in New Zealand, so I have to research commonplace books vicariously through free online resources.  This also means that while I post these blogs I have to supplement my insatiable hunger for the smell of old parchment through a home-brew concoction I inhale through something loosely resembling Bane’s mask in the Dark Knight Rises.

My education and professional background is in public relations, recruitment, training, public health and emergency management, so you could say one commonality has been the need for a thick skin and an inquisitive nature.   That is a roundabout way of saying I like digging into a variety of topics and I also like constructive comments.  If you think anything in these posts is wrong or misrepresented, drop me a line and let me know I can make this site better!


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